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Fleet Background

Fleet Background
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History of Our Fleet

The Insurgent Fleet was initially formed in the 1990s by Insurgent One Rattler.
The Insurgent Fleet is comprised of 4 wings known as Balor, Bishamon, Eversor and Spectre.  Balor Wing is responsible for Insurgent logistics; Bishamon Wing is responsible for Insurgent reconnaissance; Eversor Wing is responsible for equipping the Insurgents with the latest in weaponry and advanced technologies; and Spectre Wing is responsible for tactical strikes and Insurgent Fleet defense.

Our Charter

The main premise of our charter is the defense of all Insurgent assets.

Our Fleet Officers

Here are the leaders of the Insurgent Fleet.

Vice Admiral Chavik commands Balor Wing.
Vice Admiral Eclipse commands Spectre Wing.
Vice Admiral ShoHashi commands Bishamon Wing, which is based on Starstation New Frontier.